The Secret's out....

Meet Claire, the proud new creative director and owner of Amy’s Secret Kitchen since 2023.

A French-Kiwi pastry chef with a fervent love for baking and a vision of Bringing Joy One Bite at a Time. With her extensive tenure at the heart of Amy’s Secret Kitchen, Claire brings an unparalleled depth of knowledge and understanding to ASK.

Established in 2011, Amy’s Secret Kitchen is a beloved Ponsonby, Auckland cakery dedicated to crafting artisanal confections using only the finest ingredients. Our cakes, cupcakes, and delightful treats have become synonymous with every memorable celebration.

Born from a genuine passion for baking and an insatiable sweet tooth, Amy’s Secret Kitchen has rapidly evolved into a premier destination for all things delicious. From elegantly decorated cakes for every occasion to a menu boasting regular and bite-sized cupcakes, our offerings cater to every palate. Elevate your gifting experience with our selection of creamy fudge, personalised cookies, and more. And for our furry companions, indulge them with our dog-friendly assortment of pup cakes, because celebrations are meant to be shared with all loved ones.

Amy’s Secret Kitchen embodies the culmination of passion, dedication, time-honoured recipes, boundless creativity, and a steadfast commitment to using premium ingredients.

Our team has meticulously perfected our recipes and techniques to curate a year-round menu of classic flavour combinations that not only dazzle the eyes but delight the taste buds.

With every spoonful, stir, and drop of icing, we infuse time, care, and passion, eagerly anticipating the honour of being part of your special celebration.

"Bringing Joy One Bite At a Time." - Claire