Amy’s Secret Kitchen, established in 2011, is a Ponsonby, Auckland cakery dedicated to handcrafting the finest confections with the highest quality ingredients. Their cakes, cupcakes, and delectable treats have become a staple for any great celebration.

Born out of a passion for baking and an undeniable sweet tooth, Amy’s Secret Kitchen has fast turned into a one-stop shop for all things delicious. Delicately decorated cakes for all occasions sit alongside a menu of regular and pint-sized cupcakes. Gifting is made all the easier with a fine line-up of Creamy fudge, personalised cookies and more. And as avid animal lovers, the team has made sure your furry friends won’t miss out on the fun with a dog-friendly assortment of pup cakes. 

Amy’s Secret Kitchen is a culmination of passion, hard work, time-honoured recipes, unmatched creative flair and appreciation for high-quality ingredients.

The team have perfected their recipes and methods to offer a year-round menu of classic flavour combinations that not only look exceptional but taste delicious. The team pour time, care and passion into every spoonful, stir and drop of icing and cannot wait to be part of your special celebration.

“Bringing Joy One Bite At a Time.” - Claire