Our Story

Our story
Amy’s Secret Kitchen, founded by sisters Amy and Charlotte was established in 2011. Combining traditional methods with modern design elements, it has quickly become a staple at any celebration.

“We truly believe in the century old tradition that cake can enhance and improve any situation. A tradition we are adapting for the modern world. Whatever the occasion, say it with cake”. 

Baked with only the finest ingredients, using locally sourced free-range eggs, organic vanilla bean and decadent dutch cocoa, their treats are truly unsurpassable. Amy’s raw talent has led her to push the boundaries of baking and cake decoration. The team at Amy’s Secret Kitchen are producing ‘creations’ that are nothing less than a masterpiece. 

Our most precious and hard to find ingredient…
It’s inherent in every spoonful, every stir and every drop of icing that we pour our love of baking into each and every creation.

There’s a special ingredient that goes into everything they do and all the good things they make. It’s an essential addition to ensure all the delicate ingredients and subtle flavours have a chance to mix and mingle, circulate and create an occasion of texture, taste and triumphant celebration.

“We call this vital ingredient, ‘time’. Our Mum taught it to us when we were just four years old, standing on chairs and baking beside her. We were lucky enough to discover our passion for baking at an early age learning first hand through two generations of loving and caring mothers”.

“We hope you enjoy them as much as we do”.